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Think it's time to get fans, not scalpers, back to the front of the line for tickets? Take action today and let your legislators know that enough is enough.

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New Jersey Bills Make It Easier For Brokers -- Not Fans -- To Get Tickets

Beware Jersey Fans: Do you think it’s already hard enough to get tickets to a Giants or Jets game? Have you ever dealt with the maze of ticket websites online to see the Boss and end up more frustrated than ever before? Out-of-state ticket brokers are pushing legislation in the State House which would make it even harder to get your favorite tickets. Tell your lawmaker to put Jersey fans first!

Michigan House Bill Would Put Ticket Scalpers Ahead of Fans!

Attention Michiganders: Out-of-state companies are asking your legislators to make it easier for them to take your hard earned money. These companies want to make it more difficult for you to get face-value tickets and to put you at greater risk for buying fake tickets to your favorite games, concerts and shows!